So why bother with a professional photographer?

How you see colours on your screen (Red, Green, Blue):
How your colours actually print (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)

When you want to have the meal of a lifetime, would you consider going to the best restaurant, but insist on taking the raw ingredients home, and cooking the meal yourself?

Producing photographic prints or an album is very much the same. In order to create sharp, vibrant images, that will blow your socks off and last a lifetime, you need more than just images on a CD.

Each image needs to be assessed individually, with the anticipated printing workflow in mind...and then processed on a calibrated computer & monitor, accordingly.

There are 4 key things to creating a great, professional image:

1. Composition.
Your image should have your subject portrayed in an interesting way, without clutter or background distractions. Clearly, experience, and an artistic eye is what is required by your photographer.

2. Exposure.
The image can't be too dark or too bright...Also, your key subject needs to be appropriately 'exposed' (again, not too dark or too light).

These two requirements can be consistently met by your professional photographer. Having a great camera alone, like 'Uncle Harry', may not be enough to ensure consistently great results.

The next two elements are just as important as "taking a good photograph", and is where the employment of a professional photographer really comes into its own. These steps should be performed after every photo shoot by anyone dedicated to providing you with quality results. We perform the following steps on every single one of your images...

3. Colour Correction.
We are constantly surrounded by a variety of light sources: sunlight, incandescent light, fluorescent light, light bouncing off coloured walls, light falling through trees... Our brains compensate for these colours, and make everything look 'right'. A camera is not as smart, and will thus call for work to be done on the image in order to correct the colours.

4. Other Post-Processing.
To really make your photographs "pop", we employ many methods to bring out the best in your image. Our experience allows us to instantly select from a myriad of post-processing options that best suit your image!

Before considering our images "final", we look at the images that will be printed, the paper/media used, as well as the printing process/machine, and at what size you want your image...We then make the appropriate adjustments to colour, sharpness, contrast etc, to make sure the printed photographs & album look the way you expect.

Take a look at our "Before & After" examples below, to get an idea of the effort we put into your images...






I am genuinely dedicated to providing you with the highest quality photographs.